Established in June 2013, Sculp Tattoo studio is a creative space located in the heart of Bangalore, Koramangala. We describe our studio as a little haven where we appreciate all aesthetics of art and encourage a free flow of ideas both from our artists as well as clients.

We are there to cater to all your custom tattoo requirements with our outstanding crew of artists who specialize in freehand, abstract, cover-up, minimalistic, and blackwork designs. 


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Our unique designs are what set us apart. Our team of artists gives their absolute 100 % to meet each client’s level of satisfaction straight from conception to execution, delivering an authentic and intricate piece of art each time. We owe our successes to the trust that our clients bestow upon us for we understand and hold dear the emotion and sentiment that a tattoo is in every client’s heart.

We strive at guaranteeing an exquisite experience every time you come visit and promise you’ll walk out a happy soul. So folks, let your wildest ideas come through, we’ll design and deliver your dream tattoos, for who doesn’t love a challenge? Join us on our creative adventure through the fascinating world of ink.

 Let’s get sculpted! 


1.Your Dream

You’re the artist of your own masterpiece! The foundational ideas for the design come from you, so pour your heart out at this stage of the journey and go as vivid as you can be. We prefer you take a consultation first and provide us with your insights such as details of the concept, placement, date, etc., via e-mail, to help us conceptualize your dream design.

2.Our Design

At Sculp, we transform your concept into being. We absolutely love doing custom tattoos for we reckon each piece must be as unique as you!!! As the elements of your idea come together, our team constructs a sample design. We then revert to you with the template and provide you with a date for the consultation. Looking forward to seeing you!!


Custom designs aren’t easy. Since every tattoo is made from scratch and is unique, it demands a lot of dedication, time, and effort from the artist. The pricing for every tattoo is thus dynamic, depending on a number of factors that we that we take into consideration such as the intricacy of the design, methodology/technique requested, artists’ experience, number of sittings required, dimensions of the tattoo, etc.


We’re now at the much-awaited stage of the process of turning your dream into reality, the Inking!! We aim to make your visits as hospitable and interactive as possible. Our team is always present to answer even your tiniest queries and to put your mind (and those last-minute nerves) at complete ease, making the whole tattoo experience a breeze. We host our guests in a totally sanitized, safe, and welcoming ambience. We only use high-quality inks that retain their intensity for a long time.  Rest assured, we are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, coupled with experienced hands, guaranteeing the utmost finesse in bringing your artwork to life.


Aftercare is just as necessary as the designing and inking process. We understand that aftercare is a grey area for many clients and may often give rise to a plethora of questions and anxieties in one’s mind. Don’t worry; we have you covered there as well. Your precious artwork needs to be preserved with utmost care and vigilance for it to retain its beauty for a lifetime. After the inking process, you will be briefed and guided through the aftercare process by our artists, providing details on all the Do’s and Don’ts.


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“Couple of hours of hardwork and it stays with you a lifetime. That said, tattoo is not just about what you getting, its also, who does the work and from where you getting it done, that counts. The dedication and engrossment while they were inking was impeccable. The ideas they suggests as well as the time they take just to perfect the tattoo is unequivocal. I’d recommend Sculp tattoo studio to anyone who wants to get inked. 4 tattoos for 3 people n the time we spent there was amazing. Every single person there, makes you feel at home. So friendly and kind. We over all had an incredible experience.

– Kaajal Mahindran


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