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Who we are

Karthik Bengre is a renowned tattoo artist in India and is the founder of Sculp Tattoo Studios. He started the studio back in June 2013, after spending years of training to gain expertise in his field and expanding his skills in different styles of body art.
Sculp Tattoo Studios has brought together artists coming from different backgrounds, united with the same drive and passion for art. All the artists possess their unique set of skills and methods of artistry. At Sculp, we aim to encourage custom-artwork, free-hand, and body flow tattoos. The ideas are pinned down by our clients, while our artists design and create the ideal tattoo conception which can be further modified in accordance with the customer needs.
Sculp delivers an exquisite experience. A place of fine artistry. Come, let's get sculpted!

The Process

A thought

We transform your vision into reality. We encourage custom tattoos, denoting every piece is unique and subjective to the individual getting the tattoo done. If you have a concept, you can share your inputs with us and we design once we study the concept carefully and grow an in-depth understanding, before progressing with the imprinting process.

The Design

You are the real artist here. The foundation ideas for the design come from you, so pour your heart out at this stage of the journey. As the elements start coming together, we connect the dots and construct a story. Once you’re content with the design we create for you, we can proceed with the next step of the tattooing process.


Tattoos leave a mark on you and emerge into becoming a significant part of you. Hence, your involvement in the initial designing process is important. We collect your input, refine the design and upon client satisfaction proceed with the final tattooing stage.


Creativity, art and unique designs require a whole lot of effort from the artists. Since every tattoo is custom-made and unique in its intricacies, it demands a different level of energy, time and dedication from the artist. Therefore, the pricing for every tattoo is different. The elements that we take into consideration to set our rate is- designs, method of the tattoo used, artists, experience, time-taken, materials and length, and width of the tattoo. A brief discussion is held on the pricing so that the clients are happy and as well as our artists.

Ink It

It’s the much-awaited stage of the whole process- the final tattooing day. We start tattooing with the finalized design and the best expertise. This process is therapeutic to both, the client and the artist. The whole purpose of this journey is coming to life, hence we try to, make this experience as memorable as possible. Our guests are hosted in a hygienic, artsy and welcoming ambiance. Our studio is well-equipped, the finest inks and advanced machinery to bring art to life.

After Care

Aftercare is just as important as the designing and tattooing process. Art has to be preserved in order for it to last for a lifetime. Hence, the aftercare process is briefly described and guided by our artists. Get the best tips and tricks to keep the color intact and maintain a lustering glow through time.


Breathtaking atmosphere created. They welcome you with the most of positivity. Every artist is very friendly and are Open to any design you want and suggest you with the best of works. I indeed had a great experience everytime i got inked in sculp tattoo studio. Love their spirit and very true to their art.

I got my first tattoo done by Karthik. It was a wonderful, nearly painless experience thanks to his technique with the needle. The ambiance and music made the experience even better. All the artists are friendly and patient. Would definitely go back again for my next ink!

Wonderful place and brilliant artists. Being here was so much fun. Got my first tattoo from Sculp and have been immensely happy with it. Thank you so much, guys. Keep up the amazing work!

Words can't express how grateful I am that I got my first tattoo at Sculp Tattoo Studio. Karthik only had very little time to plan the design and to prepare, it's a miracle to me how he managed to do such an amazing design and how he could stay concentrated and focused the whole time. He put so much creativity and effort into the tattoo, he maintained the original idea but created something new and different at the same time. The linings are so accurate and sharp and the patterns and shadows he filled in just look beautiful. When he showed me the tattoo after it was finished I couldn't believe that this was actually on my skin because it was so incredibly beautiful and had such an unique design. He is just an extremely talented, creative, patient, ambitious and awesome guy. Thank you such much, Karthik 🙂 The tattoo is more beautiful than I ever imagined it to be and I would definitely trust you again. See you next time 😉

"Great service, friendly artists, easily accessible and out of the world designs."

Hygienic setting and cool ambience made the experience thoroughly enjoyable."

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