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The Tattoo’s People got post lockdown : 

After the session, I asked her what significance the name had. She said it was her childhood friend, who’d died by COVID-19,” he says. It was with mixed emotions that he received the information, wondering whether she had been with him, but also understanding that it was a memorable moment — a commemoration of a life, and of a time when the whole world was united in a collective stillness.

– The Hindu

What Makes Sculp Tattoo Studio Awesome
For a permanent piece of art on your body, being picky is good. Considering you want to be left with no ‘Ragrets’ for the rest of your life. Located in the basement of a by-lane of Koramangala fifth block, don’t expect Sculp to be a dingy, stuffy studio; it’s well lit, with art on the wall and succulents to keep you calm (or something to fixate on when you’re being inked) – Little Black Book


Karthik Bengre, an artiste from ‘Sculp Tattoo Studio’, Some of the other popular break-up tattoo designs include quotes about moving on, the phoenix rising from the ashes or a knife tagging outline.

 – Deccan Herald


Karthik Bengre, head tattoo artist at Sculpt Tattoo Studio in Koramangala, shares his experiences with ink and says, “I’ve been tattooing people for about seven years now, and I can see the difference in attitudes towards the art. Initially, most people did not know how this worked, so they would just look something up on the internet, and ask to get it tattooed. Now, they understand that it is an art, so they come here with concepts, memories and emotions, and let the tattoo artist turn the concept into art that can be inked. Tattoo artists are now like consultants! It is also important to take the job seriously.” – The Hindu

Karthik Bengre, a tattoo artist, says:

Once you get the tattoo: It is important to allow 10-15 days of healing. For the first two days, ensure that the tattoo is dry and maintained with hygiene. From the third day, you can apply any antibiotic ointment/lotion to speed up the healing process. Do not wash the tattoo with soap, use drinking water instead to clean the area. It is normal for the scalp to peel off, let it happen naturally.

– The Asian Age