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Freehand art is the mark of a good artist. In this style, we sketch directly on the skin using a brush pen. The design is tailored to fit your curves and edges so that the story flows on the skin seamlessly. The key lies in understanding the muscle tone and curvature and optimally utilizing the same to give the tattoo a heightened definition


Small Tattoos

Not every work of art should scream of flamboyance. Some memories are best kept discreet and close to your heart. Small tattoos are the most delicate and fun way to add to your ink collection, not to mention, the prettiest. 


Black Work

Blackwork is an art form that includes dot work, bold lines, traditional and blackout designs. It is preferred to go freehand with this style of tattoo as this takes into consideration your body’s natural contour and is custom made to complement your shape/skin. This art form also includes bold motifs on the body with solid black ink. The tattoos usually comprise geometrical, contemporary and traditional patterns, though some designs feature figurative forms and recognizable scenes and subjects.



Let loose your imagination. Abstract art is where your thoughts run free. Abstract art is totally open to individual perception. The art form is gaining more and more popularity as it looks authentic and conveys an out-of-the-box uniqueness. It is your brain child and need not draw visual references from the surrounding reality.


Aesthetic Art

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Aesthetic tattoos can be subjective and may comprise anything that sparks emotion, usually of great aesthetic pleasure. The designs are created keeping in mind the appreciation of art, beauty and nature. The tattoos can be big or minimalistic and can be merged with other forms of art too, be it abstract or geometric patterns. The possibilities are limitless.


Cover Ups

We’ve all probably walked down this path. An old flame’s remembrance, a now unpleasant memory, hasty spur-of-the-moment decision tattoos, a not-so-skilled artist’s work, or probably just a design that did not match up to your expectations. All hope is not lost; your reminder of the unpleasant past tattoo can be covered or camouflaged with a new design. We cater to three different types of cover up tattoos – complete coverage, creative reinvention, and blackouts.


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{f70cc913151a1408f365d4af78126ffe0e4596fca41b1364ab29c474c1bf2fa3}22Karthik is a fantastic artist, he's taking time for the costumer and makes you feel comfortable. I had a really good time here. Thank you so much 🙏{f70cc913151a1408f365d4af78126ffe0e4596fca41b1364ab29c474c1bf2fa3}22

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