From time immemorial, tattoos have been a form of self expression, a medium to tell a story, a daily reminder and a fond memory for many. Tattoos pave way for us to bring our imagination to fruition. With everything evolving in this fast paced world, the art form of tattooing has seen its fair share of growth.

Gone are the days where tattoos would simply be grabbed off the Internet, drawn onto a stencil and reproduced on the clients body. Tattoo artists have now pushed boundaries to find ways to keep this art form alive in innovative manners. There’s something profound about letting creativity flow and trusting the process- and at Sculp we’re doing exactly that by specialising in custom, freehand tattoos.

By going free hand and bestowing the trust into the artist, the client allows us to give life to their wildest vision by directly reproducing the same onto your body, to fit every curve and contour of your body perfectly, leaving no scope for any form of imperfection. This gives the client something personal to cherish, that’s unique and only donned by them.

Allowing the artist to go freehand will give them an opportunity to apply their years of expertise into a tattoo that can never be recreated by anyone else. It’s simple yet complex, organic yet constructive, and very personal both to the artist and the client. So don’t think twice and head on over to Sculp! Rest assured that you’re in safe and experienced hands!